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Palakkad/Annual Meet06

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Date  : May 6 2006 Saturday Time  : 10 am Venue  : KSTA [Kerala School Teacher Association ] Office,Koppam,Palakkad

Every member is requested to participate the meeting,if possible.The day for future meeting and the future plans will be discussed there.All those distros we are having will be there and can share those.

Be ready and prepare for that moment;your moves are which make that event a great one

Note : Don't expect MUCH [I mean nothing than information :) ]


1.The DAY for future meeting will be decided

Category : discussion

2.Talk with some teachers of Palakkad who took GNU/Linux for 10 std. students on there experience,difficulties and problems on teaching. -

Category : talk and discussion

3.The future plans of PLUS- open your mind......

                     i.How to support?
                     ii.Does we need any support?
                     iii.How to make the group more popular?
                     iv.Can we make Palakkad a free/open district ??
                        [Do think it as a comedy,we can do that]
                     v.The website/homepage of +PLUS !

Category : discussion and debate !!

4.A section for new members and teachers to introduce the need and use of +PLUS and other mailing list and dos and DONT'S[you know why I made it in uppercase !] in the mailing list

Category : small lecture

5.The way which we support FOSS groups inside college campus Category : discussion

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