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This is a list of FOSS communities in India who has a presence on IRC

Name Channel Server(s)
FOSS Community India #fsci,
GNU India #gnu-india
Linux India ##linux-india
Hackers India #hackers-india
Indlinux #indlinux
Debian India #debian-in,#debianindia
KDE India #kde-in
GNU aka GNU/Hurd India
Linuxchix #indichix
SMC Project #smc-project
ILUG Cochin #ilugkochi
Hackerdom Thrissur #hackerdom
GNU/Linux Lovers #gnulinuxlovers

How to use matrix as an IRC client to join #fsci

  • See this guide for freenode specific instructions

How to Use a OFTC-Registered Nickname on

As described here: If you have a OFTC-registered nickname and want to use it from Matrix, you can do it like this:

  1. On Matrix, open a new chat (with Riot app this is the "+" sign on the bottom right)
  2. Invite to the new chat
  3. Say !nick <yournick>
  4. A request for new chat with NickServ will pop up. Accept it and identify yourself with your OFTC password (identify <password>)

Voila, you'll be using your OFTC-registered nick through Matrix, being able to use multiple devices simultaneously with shared history and all!

How to Start Private IRC Chats, like /msg or /query

On Matrix, open a new chat (with Riot app this is the "+" sign on the bottom right) Invite @_oftc_<nick> to the new chat (replace <nick> with the nick name. For example, to start a chat with NickServ, invite

This works for nicks that are known to, i.e. if the nick has never joined an IRC channel that was bridged to matrix it won't work.