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Myself Aurabindo J.

Free software user, contributor, freedom/privacy activist. My interests include Digital and Embedded systems, PCB design, Microcontroller firmware, Linux Kernel programming, Linux system administration, etc. I did my B.Tech from Govt. Engg. College - Thrissur, Kerala [1], and Masters in Embedded Systems from School of Information Sciences, Manipal University [2] and presently living in New Delhi.

I like motorsport, swimming, and forests!

Recent Contributions

  • Ruma - Implementation for Matrix protocol in Rust [3]
  • KiCad EDA [4]

Currently tinkering with Rust on microcontrollers!


  • Matrix: <at> aurabindo <colon> matrix <dot> org
  • IRC: jayaura at
  • Email: mail <at> aurabindo <dot> in
  • Blog: [5]