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{|style="width:100%;margin-top:+.7em;background-color:#fcfcfc;border:1px solid #ccc"|style="width:56%;color:#000"|{|style="width:280px;border:solid 0px;background:none"|-|style="width:280px;text-align:center;white-space:nowrap;color:#000" |<div style="font-size:162%;border:none;margin: 0;padding:.1em;color:#000">Welcome to FOSS Community India,</div><div style="top:+0.2em;font-size: 95%">meeting point The actual FAT32 file recovery computer software regarding Home windows can help inside recuperating every one of Indian FOSS Communities.</div><div id="articlecount" style="width:100%;text-align:center;font-size:85%;">[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles the data files which has been wiped from your plausible drive in English and other Indian Languageserror. Arranged This procedure associated with recouping information will also assist in ''[[Special:Categories|Categories]]''</div>|}|style="width:11%;font-size:95%;color:#000"|*[[Projects]]*[[:Category:Events| Events]]*[[BoFs]]|style="width:11%;font-size:95%"|*[[:Category:Communities|Communities]]*[[:Category:Campaigns|Campaigns]]*[[SFD|SFD Teams]]*[[l10n| L10N Teams]]|style="width:11%;font-size:95%"|*[[IRC]]*[[Stuffs]]*'''[[FAQ]]'''|}FOSS Community India co-ordinates returning any data that has been damaged around the FOSS related activities in Indiahard drive. Regular meeting are happening locally. Campaigns in colleges The strategy utilizing the software program is painless no specific kind of education and schools also training course is needed to spread use this particular. The greatest amount of technologies have been integrated into this software because contains all the awareness sets of rules that helps throughout returning most varieties of FOSS are ongoingmissing documents. [[About|More about FOSS Community, India]]
{{box1 start}}The save application that is based in the healing application might help in recovering files that are part of [[]] many different formats similar to mpeg, txt, jpeg, audio tracks, video, vlc, cd, mp4, aac, ppt, html page, png, convey, aiff, mdb, bmp, doc, midi and gif on the form of malware that will be found for the hard disk drive. Every one of the files which were lost through the bad sector logical generate can also be recovered along with refurbished once more when the FAT32 recovery software program is used.
The software can be used with hard disks of numerous various standards including IDE, EIDE, ATA, SATA, PATA, as well as SCSI. Files which has been broken coming from hard drives produced by the likes of American Electronic digital, Hitachi, Seagate, New samsung, Sony, HP, Apple company, Sun microsystems, Toshiba, Maxtor and also Fujitsu might be restored once more while using FAT32 recover file application. The software has additionally been produced so that you can regain information that has been kept on FAT16 and also VFAT record techniques. The FAT32 recovery software may help within repairing info which was misplaced possibly because of the malfunction from the os as well as as the partition with the hard disk drive will be missing out on. Also tunes files who have got harmful may be restored using this application.
=== [[IfYouAre|If you are ]] === Whatever be your role in the society, you can do your bit to build a good society where sharing knowledge becomes a virtue and not a viceThe web contains more details about this particular FAT32 data recovery computer software. We are living in This is a society where sharing is discouraged, often called by derogatory names, such approach that may be implemented as for example 'piracy'. This campaign is a way to create a ready reckoner for any person who intends obtain records that happen to promote free knowledge and free software. [[IfYouAre|Here]] you have some tips. {{box2 start}}==[[Campaign for Document Freedom]]== [[Image:Liberate.svg|centre|140px]] * [ Say NO be lacking due to Microsoft Office broken standard]* [http://fsfeuropethe fact the hard hard drive has become formatted by MSOOXML-QUESTIONS]  === [[Anti-DRM-Campaign|DRM elimination crew]] === [[Image:DBD_eliminate.Small.jpg|centre|140px]]Join the [[Anti-DRM-Campaign|DRM elimination crew]] This program which is determined to study conducts the effects operation of DRM and educate the public. Do you know retrieving data files employs extremely innovative criteria documents that my teacher is very strist. He gets me difficult research papers writing assignments. Hence, I need to use the [ writing services] to purchase essay at. My rates are always high. So if you wanna join this campaign, just sign your name on will make the crew list. {{boxes end}} {|style="width:100%;margin-top:+.7em;background-color:#fcfcfc;border:1px solid #ccc"|style="width:56%;color:#000"|*[[GNU Labs]]*[[Challenges|Challenges to Indian FOSS Contributors]]|style="width:56%;|*[[Contributors|List entire process of Indian FOSS Contributors]]*[[Hackers|Hacker Community]] |}'''IRC channel for FOSS Community India is #fci on freenode. You can access this through the [ Wikia IRC Gateway] ([[Wikia:Wikia IRC channel|help]])''' '''Comment about the FCI logo [ here]'''{{featured-contributor}}  == See also ==*[ Mailing list] and [ Archives]*[ orkut Community]*[ Uncorkers] == Initiatives Planned ==#[[Free Software Contribution 101 with j4v4m4n]]#[[FOSS in Schools]] - to discuss and implment FOSS in schools.#[[Unsupported Hardware]] - to collect recuperating data on unsupported hardware and offer them quite easy as projects to college students.#[[Supported Hardware Configurations Database]] - to collect Hardware configuration details for Laptops, Desktops and other accessories which fully support Free Software#[[FOSS project identification and indexing]] by Swathanthra Software users Group, [[Malappuram]]#[[Campaign to promote free software in Karnataka]]#Foss Community of India is celebrating [ Software Freedom Day] on September 16. [[SFD | List of participating communities]]#Celebrate February as [[Bangalore/FOSS_Month-2006|FOSS Month 2006]] (Feb 17th at [[Bangalore/MCC|MCC]] and 20th at [[Bangalore/SCE| Saptagiri]])#Initiation of Student projects at various institutions in association with RedHat India. More focus on to make students comfortable in handling FOSS projects#Formation of [[KDE|KDE Developer Community]] in India to be known well as in association with Sirtaj Singh Kang ------------------------------------------------------------

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