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Software Freedom Day 08

We will be celebrating September 20 to 28th as Software Freedom week Discuss your ideas in our mailinglist

Software Freedom Day 07

We will be celebrating September 15 as Software Freedom Day along with the rest of the world. Discuss your ideas in our mailinglist or Orkut

Checkout last year's activities and ideas for pointers.

Software Freedom Day 06

We had a great event and the blogs, quotes, and photos speak for themselves.


SFD Banner outside of Divyasree Chambers, Bangalore
Jam Packed BMSCE Auditorium


  1. Nethravathi B
  2. Aanjhan R
  3. Praveen A

Quotable quotes

"This year they had shortlisted some colleges in Bangalore and our dear BMSCE was a part of it.But it so happened that the coordinators for our College backed out from conducting the event in our college thinking that the response will be bad.And many thanks to Ram , an active member of FOSS.in, me and my friends Sharadha,Shilpa, Nandini and Ganga took up the initiative and oragnised the entire thingie in good 6 hours yesterday.Some phone calls and the event was finalised ."

"Yesterday whole night me and my friends were hoping that people will turn up and make the event a huge success. And it happened !!!"

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-- Nethravathi B

"We reached BMS at around 9:15 AM to see the Audi filled with Praveen, Dilip and myself only. Ahem… It was 9:30 and lo behold!!! The AUDI was jam packed with people not having place to sit and extra chairs been roped in. Great!!! 350 people packed in a 300 capacity audi!! "

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-- Anjhan aka tuxmaniac

"About 60 people stayed back and we splitted into 4 groups and addressed their doubts and asked about their interest areas. Me and Dilip took charge of one group and we had a very interesting discussion. Other three groups were handled bu Aanjhan, Srikanth and Dinesh. We had to leave the hall only because they had to close the hall and we left the campus becuase it was already 1 30 and all of us were started feeling hungry."

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-- Praveen A


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Software Freedom Day 05

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