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MES College of Engineering is a leading contributer to the FOSS activities in Malappuram and has lots of projects going on within the campus. Some of the noted projects are listed below. The FSF Chapter of MESCE has started GNU LABs to organise and to make a common platform for the free software projects taken up by the students.


  1. Sarika - Speech recognition software by Shyam as part of Google Summer of code with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.
  2. Lalitha phonetic keyboard layout for X - By Jinesh as part of Google Summer of code with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.
  3. Hurd installer - Kiranchand and his group in final year IT took this as their academic project and has completed. Now they are also working to provide a GUI for the same.
  4. Malayalam OCR - It is a project which was started as an academic project for the third year by Antony and his group, final year CSE. Now Antony is developing it with the Swathanthra Malayalam Community.
  5. Village Office Automation - An acadamic project by Abdul Asfar K.P, Binoy P, Jinesh K.J, Mohd. Riyas A.P & Mohd. Suhail Rehman of final year CSE. Aimed at developing a free software alternative for the current village office automation software from Microsoft.

We have more coming on our way...

Active Forums

Upcoming Events

Current Activity

  • We meet every week to share our views with each other and to have classes on various GNU/Linux related topics and projects.
  • We are involved in developing softwares based on the ideas of collective effort and community programming.

Past Events

  • Highly successfull exhibition and workshops by students as a part of National Conference on Free Software held at CUSAT.
  • A seminar on Web Hosting by Kiranchand as a part of MESTECH.
  • A class on localisation, conducted by Jinesh K J and Shyam.
  • A workshop on Pheonix for teachers, lead by Ajith, the designer of the Pheonix box.
  • Mukti 2007
  • Hurd Hacking Camp 07

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