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These are the items you need to take care of when organizing a GNU/Linux install fest

  1. Find a hall that can host the event, try in colleges, schools, libraries, IT companies that are generally supportive of Free Software
  2. Form a core group of limited members, create a check list and assign duties to each (something like collaborators cooperative will be effective)
  3. Decide a date soon so people can plan to attend
  4. Create an RSVP page for people to register. You could use loomio's 'Check' poll (using proprietary services like Google Forms are discouraged)
  5. Add RSVP link to your website or
  6. Make a poster with RSVP link and contact phone number
  7. Add event details to Debian Wiki, if it is a debian release party.
  8. Announce it on mailing lists (your local user group list and also neighboring districts' user groups). You can find a list of user groups across India at
  9. Send a press release to news papers, TV, Radio etc
  10. Make stickers of Free Software projects
  11. Make sure you have enough bootable pen drives, DVDs etc
  12. Have blank DVDs for people who want to take images
  13. Arrange demo of the different GNU/Linux distributions
  14. Try sponsorship to cover expenses like disks, stickers, etc
  15. Introduce Riot app to them and tell them to join #GNULinuxLovers channel for continued tech support
  16. Send report of the event to all news papers with photos on the same day of the event
  17. Post photos and report on website, mailing list and social media (consider Diaspora and Mastodon as well)