Bangalore/GNUs Grazing/28June2008

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Venue: Cubbon Park (Victoria Statue entrance, MG Road side) Date: June 28th, 2008 Time: 3 pm

Agenda: Building up a strong Free Software team, Campaign for Document Freedom, representation to VTU about review of syllabus ( BE /MCA /MTECH - computer science streams )


We started discussing the plans of syllabus review for de-branding and including Free Software. We decided to meet professor in charge of syllabus review for computer science engineering, information techonology and MCA at MSRIT next Saturday, 5th July 2008 and talk about importance of Free Software in Education. We will review the syllabus online and organize a session inviting faculties to discuss the syllabus and present our feedbacks to the syllabus review committee for consideration. The important requirement is to find resource persons for each of the Free Software tools that we propose and demonstrating solutions to the problem statements in the syllabus. Renuka Prasad is confident about BE-CS, BE-ISE and MCA, but we need to find resource persons for other branches. We discussed about ME, CE and BT.

We have also decided to have GNU/Linux installation fests in as many colleges in Bangalore starting with RVCE, BMSCE, PESIT, MSRIT and AIT.

The strategy that we thought is like having a banner common to all the colleges

if we assume that we start in college X then the banner will be put on monday and registrations wioll be done with a person (faculty / student ) in that college and finally that saturday we will go there and do the needfull with the condition that atlest few students from that college should be ready to help in future events like this so that carrying on this GNU?linus intallation fest will be more easier Next ------ during that day ( installation day ) a presentation / representation should be given to the management about advantages of using free softwares over proprietary softwares covering wide range of applications

engineering colleges start during 2nd week of august ------------------------ so lets plan accordingly ---------

Also balaji mentioned that there is plan going on about having a GNU/Linux session at St Josephs --- similarly other degree colleges have to be addressed -

Also we just thought of looking into the school syllabus in karnataka and having a comparison with kerala's school syllabus and discuss later about how to go abt making the schools use free softwares in bangalore


  1. Praveen A
  2. Renuka Prasad B
  3. Anivar Aravind